Carmichael's Pharmacy & Medical Equipment

Carmichael’s Pharmacy & Medical Equipment is an independently operated pharmacy and durable medical equipment company serving Southern Louisiana. With multiple locations throughout the state, Carmichael’s is uniquely positioned to meet clients’ pharmacy and medical equipment needs efficiently.

Carmichael’s provides its customers and the facilities it services with a wide variety of products and services in the following service lines:

  • Retail pharmacy
  • Institutional pharmacy
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Durable (home) medical equipment

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Byron D. Finn

President, Carmichael’s Pharmacy & Medical Equipment

SunLink is our full-service healthcare technology provider, and we are incredibly pleased with their level of service. Their team is highly responsive to our requests, and their expertise is a valuable addition to our operations. They’ve helped install the systems and controls we need as our Company moves forward.

Evaluations Reveal Security Updates Required

In 2008, Carmichael’s Pharmacy & Medical Equipment required a significant IT upgrade to remain compliant with HITECH and HIPAA regulations. Leaders at Carmichael’s consulted with SunLink Healthcare Technology and discovered the Company’s domain controllers, data storage systems, and more were outdated and vulnerable, requiring a new design to handle healthcare data properly.

SunLink Provides Comprehensive Solutions

SunLink’s experienced project engineers visited Carmichael’s Pharmacy & Medical Equipment and evaluated the Company’s entire operation from an IT perspective. This included visits to each operating location and a complete analysis of the technology used across the various business segments. This comprehensive analysis allowed SunLink to properly diagnose the existing security issues and to create and implement a plan which established and maintains IT systems and controls adequate to secure IT infrastructure compliance for Carmichael’s. Today, SunLink provides complete IT support for all of Carmichael’s practitioners and operating facilities, managing servers and securing data in a HIPAA-compliant data center.