Healthie Georgia

HealtHIE Georgia is a nonprofit that empowers healthcare organizations to exchange clinical data through Health Information Exchange (HIE). In addition to serving as a regional HIE, HealtHIE Georgia also assists healthcare organizations in applying for grants and loans that are used to launch specialized programs and services for patients.

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Mark Renfro

Executive Director of HealtHIE Georgia

I’m very impressed with SunLink Healthcare Technology’s overall support, attention to detail, and commitment to serve the healthcare communities in Georgia. SunLink’s expertise allows our healthcare partners to thrive and obtain the critical technology infrastructure needed to serve patients effectively.

Partnering With SunLink Healthcare Technology

In 2013, HealtHIE Georgia contracted with SunLink Healthcare Technology to provide IT support in lieu of forming an internal IT team. This flourished into a valuable partnership, as HealtHIE Georgia’s mission and values closely align with those of SunLink Healthcare Technology. SunLink now works closely with HealtHIE Georgia to provide the critical infrastructure and technology needed for efficient interoperability for healthcare organizations.

Powering HealtHIE Georgia with HL7 Messaging Capability

SunLink hosts and manages all technological aspects of connectivity for HealtHIE Georgia’s healthcare organization partners. This allows healthcare organizations to exchange patient records through HealtHIE Georgia and Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN). HealtHIE Georgia is the only statewide regional HL7 coded converting engine with the ability to transition to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Many of these healthcare organization partners serve communities, and SunLink also provides comprehensive technology solutions for the unique needs of organizations.