SunLink Healthcare Technology manages the technological exchange of patient records through HealtHIE Georgia and Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN). We empower healthcare organizations to improve patient care by establishing connections with Health Information Exchange (HIE).

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How Connecting with HealtHIE GA can Benefit your Organization

Creating Continuity of Care

By connecting with HealtHIE Georgia and HIE, your healthcare organization can securely access and share critical patient records with other providers and public healthcare organizations to improve quality of care and reduce overall costs. The immediate, reliable sharing of patient data improves continuity of care and provides healthcare organizations with centralized access to information via an automation process.

Commonly used HIE patient records data includes:

Admission/Discharge/Transfer Information

Demographic information

Prescription Orders & Specified Treatment

Lab results

Radiology results

ADT Admission/Discharge/Transfer
ORM General Order Message
ORU Unsolicited Transmission of an Observation
RDE Pharmacy Encoded Order Message
SIU Schedule Information Unsolicited
VXU Unsolicited Vaccination Record Update
DFT Detailed Financial Transactions
MDM Medical Document Management
OMG General Clinical Order
CCD | CCDA Clinical Care Documentation
ACK General Acknowledgement
QRY Query, Patient Demographics
MFN Master Files Notification
BAR Add/change Billing Account Reconciliation
RAS Rx/treatment Administration
RGV Rx/treatment Given

Benefits of HIE

For Clinicians

  • Real-time communications between clinics, vendors, and healthcare organizations
  • Seamless integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR)/Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data from different providers
  • Elimination of redundant testing
  • Reduction in medication and medical treatment errors
  • Improved patient outcomes

For Leadership

  • Access to analytical decision-making tools to improve care strategies
  • Connection to secured technical infrastructure to leverage state and federal funding
  • Reduction in patient readmissions
  • Reduction in overall medical costs to healthcare organizations and their patients

GaHIN Care Alerting within HealtHIE

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GaHIN Georgia Connected Care Training

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Quest Diagnostics Lab Test Results Within GaHIN

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