HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Healthcare organizations are required to complete an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) to maintain compliance with HIPAA security regulations and the HITECH Act. It’s important to work with a dedicated healthcare IT company to conduct your annual risk assessment and ensure your systems and data are safe.

SunLink Healthcare Technology has served the healthcare industry for decades and we are proud to offer security risk assessments for organizations of all sizes. With us, you can trust your system is meeting regulatory standards and operating at peak efficiency.

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What We Do

During your SRA, our healthcare IT professionals will visit your organization and conduct a thorough assessment of your infrastructure and administrative policies to ensure regulatory compliance.

Some areas we evaluate include:

Administrative Safeguards

Our team will examine your organization’s administrative safeguards designed to protect health information. This includes policies, procedures, and documentation requirements relating to storing private health information.

Technical Safeguards

Our IT experts evaluate your organization’s technology and how it’s used by staff. We examine your access control systems and other technical safeguards to ensure the security of private data.

After the SRA

Following our comprehensive SRA, we issue a final comprehensive report containing recommendations for improvement and compliance. Our team includes status reports for every aspect of your system, including vulnerabilities or policy shortfalls that need to be addressed. Our healthcare IT professionals can help address any deficits in your system and ensure you keep compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations.