Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data analytics is a rapidly developing field, and SunLink Healthcare Technology is on the cutting edge of this advanced service. Through our customized data analytics service, your organization can seamlessly manage and evaluate troves of healthcare organization medical data to improve your quality of service, make informed financial decisions, and boost organizational efficiency.

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Benefits of Our Data Analytics Service

SunLink Healthcare Technology’s user-friendly data analytics service can aggregate any set of healthcare organization data in custom formats that fit your needs. If your organization is connected with HealtHIE Georgia, data analytics are applied to all HIE partner data feeds to Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN).

Some benefits of data analytics include:

Access Real-Time Data

Oftentimes, leaders of healthcare organizations make business and service decisions based on old or outdated data. With SunLink Healthcare Technology’s data analytics service, you’ll enjoy access to real-time information for critical financial and organizational decisions, including:

  • Community health initiatives
  • Department resource allocation
  • Patient payment information

Create Customized Data Analytics

Our data analytics service allows leadership at your healthcare organization to create custom data analytics and view the Key Points of Interest (KPI) you request. Our advanced features allow you to evaluate data including patient costs, staff performance, risk assessments, and more.

  • Data Analytics Dashboard (DAD)
  • Data Analytics Platform (DAP)

Full Integration with Disparate Software

No matter the type of EHR/EMR your healthcare organization uses, our data analytics service can create actionable data sets and dashboards. Our interoperability and data integration service can seamlessly share critical data to improve patient care efficiency. Our data analytics service is:

  • Seamless
  • Efficient
  • Supported

Why Choose SunLink Healthcare Technology?

Healthcare data analysis is complex, and it’s important to choose a company experienced with big data analysis as well as the healthcare industry as a whole. SunLink Healthcare Technology exclusively serves the needs of the healthcare community because one size does not fit all when it comes to data analysis needs. We customize our managed service and data analytics solutions to help your organization thrive and deliver excellent patient care.