ER Hospital Group

ER Hospital Group is involved in the leasing, managing, and ownership of acute care hospitals across the country. In Southwest Georgia, ER Hospital Group serves four hospitals as well as dozens of physician practices in the region. The hospitals in this partner network include:

  • Dorminy Medical Center
  • Emanuel Medical Center
  • Irwin County Hospital
  • Washington County Regional Medical Center

Sandy Majors

Regional Director of Operations for Physician Practices

SunLink Healthcare Technology’s experts think outside the box. Their team is always available to listen to our technology needs and discover ways to solve complex issues. They provide the information we need and have the advanced resources to supplement our IT departments. We would never be able to do the things we do now without the support and knowledge of SunLink Healthcare Technology.

Technology Requirements Outgrow Internal Capabilities

The technology, security, and direct messaging requirements for healthcare organizations are rapidly shifting. The advancement in regulations and reporting requirements make it difficult for many smaller healthcare organizations’ IT departments to handle the upgrades alone. Many departments don’t have the expertise, or time, to manage advanced compliance requirements. Through an already established relationship with HealtHIE Georgia, ER Hospital Group formed a partnership with SunLink Healthcare Technology to manage its comprehensive technology needs.

SunLink Integrates Advanced Healthcare Technology

Through a partnership with SunLink Healthcare Technology, ER Hospital Group now boasts integrated dashboards for its healthcare providers. Now, medical and administrative staff use custom dashboards and technologically sophisticated methods to manage medical records and send and receive data to and from Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN). Because of the advancement in healthcare information access, providers can offer more streamlined care to patients.